A New Way to Wash Your Face: The Oil Cleansing Method
by Kristin Stephens, MS, NTP

This little pot of liquid gold has helped my skin more than anything else I’ve tried (except cutting back on sugar!).

I soaked dried calendula flowers in avocado oil for a few weeks. Then, I added the following essential oils: frankincense, bergamot, lavender and tea tree.

This blend of oils helps calm inflammation and redness, and also reduces acne and scarring.

I use this oil on my face as a moisturizer every day and also as a cleanser a few times a week. Oil cleansing is an incredibly effective way to clean your face, soothe dry skin, and clear blemishes.

I’ve been using this method on and off for a few years now and can totally tell a difference (more acne, more redness, less glow) when I don’t do it as often.

How to clean your face with the oil cleansing method:

  • pick an oil to use (coconut, avocado, and jojoba are all great)
  • apply a small amount of chosen oil to face
  • run a wash cloth under warm to hot water and place over face for a minute to steam open your pores
  • gently massage your face in small circles for a minute or so
  • wet the wash cloth again and repeat the process two or three times
  • when you’re finished, you can wipe off any excess oil if desired

You may have a bit of an adjustment period where your skin may break out slightly since this is pulling out the impurities and junk in your skin. Keep at it and I promise you’ll get that glowing skin you’ve been waiting for! To find the products mentioned above in ur Amazon store, simply click here!

Tell me: have you tried oil cleansing? What’s your favorite oil to use?

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Be Well,

Donna Stephens, BCN, CNHP, LDHS
Kristin Stephens, MS, NTP