Today we discovered an awesome trick for easily losing a pound a week!


As you may already know, olive oil is considered a superfood because it has protective and preventative qualities for your overall health. To name a few, it can help prevent heart disease, avoid strokes, protect against certain types of cancer, and even ease inflammation and joint pain.

Research from Beloit College in Wisconsin reports that consuming just one tablespoon daily of the right olive oil can help you shed a pound per week. But how on earth can olive oil — a high calorie fat — help you lose weight? New research shows that the right olive oil helps you lose weight in four ways:

1. Converts into energy three times faster than other fats. So when you use olive oil to replace other fats in your diet—like butter, margarine, trans-fats, etc.—you burn off your fat intake more quickly and efficiently.

2. Boosts your metabolism by 60%. Olive oil stimulates your liver and gall bladder to produce more bile, which breaks down and burns up other fats as well. This also help assimilate other digested food products and nutrients, creating overall better nutrient intake and better health.  Side Note: Researchers have found that women who had olive oil at breakfast boosted their metabolism by 60% more than women who skipped the oil.

3. Burns up your stored fat as fuel. Olive oil is rich in a natural compound called oleic acid, which helps you burn up your stubborn stored fat in two ways. First, it helps your fat tissues to stop absorbing so much fat. Also, it then helps your body’s fat cells secrete your stored fat into your bloodstream so it can be burned off.

4. Signals your brain that you’re full—and keeps you satisfied longer—so you do not over-eat. Studies at universities in Germany and Vienna have also shown that olive oil’s unique properties trigger a higher sense of “satiety” and fullness more so than other fats. This means you feel satiated longer and don’t have to battle the munchies all day. You naturally feel content eating less, so losing weight becomes much easier.


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