Oftentimes, people believe the only time they can begin a new regimen, eating habit, or daily practice is on January 1st. However, that’s not the case. Each moment is a chance for you to start a new beginning for yourself!

Maybe you’ve tried setting New Year’s Resolutions in the past, only to become discouraged a few weeks in. Maybe you’ve decided to start eating better right this moment, but then something comes up later in the day or week which derails you.

When you’re starting out on creating a new habit or pattern in your life, it’s important to prepare yourself for the road ahead. It’s not easy to just say in this moment “I’m no longer eating any sugar!”

It is certainly a reasonable goal or habit to begin, but you’ll want to get yourself prepared for this adventure.

A few steps you can take towards healthy eating habits are listed below.

  1. Outline your plan – make a list of the foods you’ll be focusing on, and the ones you’ll be eliminating. Having something to refer back to when you’re starting to waver on your habit is helpful to get back on track.
  2. Create an action plan – think about possible situations you’ll be in for the next few weeks or months which might offer you an opportunity to stray from your new habit. Then, decide on an action you’ll take if that situation arises. For example, “If I’m invited to drinks and dinner after work, I will review the menu beforehand and make a healthy choice now instead of waiting until I’m at the restaurant.”
  3. Reward yourself – give yourself a small treat as you hit milestones you create for yourself. After going one whole day without sugar, treat yourself to a watching a TV show. After going one week without sugar, treat yourself to a new book. These are just examples – you can create whatever reward structure will work for you to keep you accountable to your new habit.

Two important things to remember when setting goals or creating new habits:

  • there is no wrong time to begin
  • and being prepared will set you up for success!

If you’re looking to begin a new healthy eating habit, check out the Pure Reset Diet. With someone to guide you through the program, you’ll have a prepared plan and accountability built in to offer you a great chance for success. Check out the benefits of the PRD here.

Take care of yourself,

Kristin Stephens, MS, NTP