Dear Friends,

We love our clients and are here to help during these challenging times. We are doing our utmost to continue to provide the services you need so that you and your family can thrive!

In order to take best care of you and of ourselves, we request that you please adhere to the following protocol when making or keeping your appointment with us:

 Staying Well Protocol for Office Visits:

  • If you are sick, have a sick family member, or may have been exposed to the coronavirus notify us immediately! We will change your appointment to a phone or Skype consultation.
  • When you arrive at our office, please immediately go to the restroom and wash your hands before signing in.
  • Know that we are purposely leaving additional time between appointments in order to make sure we have time to throughly clean between clients. Be prompt in your arrival and leave once your appointment is finished and you have paid for services provided and have your supplements.
  • Remember, we are making phone and Skype appointments available to anyone who is concerned about coming into the office to see us.

Additionally, be advised that we will only be shipping orders twice a week. Please allow extra time for us to fill your orders once they are placed. Due to the unusual circumstances right now, our suppliers are taking additional time to deliver products to us. Do NOT wait until you are out of everything to place your order. Order right away if you are down to the last ten days supply of what you’re using. Remember, you can place orders on our online store at If you need a code for placing your order, call 844-787-3935, Ext. 5, or email [email protected].

Thanks in advance for doing your part. Together we will all get through this!

Be Well…Stay Well,

Donna Stephens, Naturopath, BCN
Vicki Kolbe, BCHHP, CNHP, DHP