Sometimes life doesn’t look the way we think it should; and sometimes we find ourselves in places or situations we would not choose. Sometimes, when life seems overwhelming we can feel hopeless…so how do we recognize our blessings when they show up in unrecognizable disguises? 

Here are a couple of thoughts to consider: 

First, we often don’t recognize these blessings in disguise until after the fact. We may have to get through what we’re going through before we are able to look back and see how everything has fallen into place in ways that we could not have imagined possible! 

A key here is to hold onto hope…not a “wishful thinking” kind of hope, but a hopeful mindset that is learned. In her book, The Gifts of Imperfection, best-selling author Brene Brown, PH.D., L.M.S.W., discusses this hope as a way of thinking involving the following: 

  • The ability to set realistic goals
  • The ability to figure out how to achieve these goals, including flexibility and identifying alternate ways of reaching our goals
  • Having confidence in ourselves and our abilities

Second, we may need a guide to help us navigate the challenges we’re facing. If someone else has walked through similar challenges and come through them, then their wisdom and experience may prove to be an encouragement to us when we are wondering how to get through our own difficulties. There is great benefit in having this kind of help available when we need it. This in itself is a blessing, and makes recognizing our other blessings a bit easier at times.

Part of the Pure Difference at Pure Nutrition + Wellness is that we use a holistic approach: taking the body, mind, spirit, and emotions into consideration in addressing health and healing. Many of our clients have said, “I have hope for the first time!” after meeting us and learning about what we have to offer.

In addition to our Holistic Health Assessments, we also offer guided programs such as the Pure Reset Diet, as well as other natural, effective modalities that help our clients address their unique situations on their journey toward health and wellness.

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Be Well,

Donna Stephens, BCN, CNHP, DHP
Vicki Kolbe, BCHHP, CNHP, DHP