Thermography is here at The Pure Center in Warrenton! Our friends from Longevity Thermography will be here in our office on Thursday, May 6th, and there is still time to schedule an appointment. For those of you who haven’t visited our beautiful new location yet, we are now settled into our space at 560 Broadview Avenue, Lower Level, Warrenton, VA, 20186.

To learn more about this amazing non-invasive diagnostic technique and about pricing, visit the website at: You can also schedule an appointment online there, or can call their scheduling number at  1-888-580-0040.

This is a service that we are excited to offer our clients and we encourage you to take advantage of it!

Be well,

Donna Stephens, BCN, CNHP, DHP
Vicki Kolbe, BCHHP, CNHP, DHP