green-cocktails-550x365-15Ok… while I am not advocating adding these Cocktails to your weekly routine, on special occasions it can be fun to indulge a little with something that at least appears to be healthy.  Bars around the country are jumping on the cold-pressed juice craze bandwagon and are now offering detox-savvy green juice cocktails to their menus, with an exaggerated nod to token green leaf cleansing superstars, such as kale, wheatgrass, and spinach.

These two recipes are simple-syrup free and feature a green leaf juice or puree that offers incredible health benefits, even while you’re boozing…. again the key is to keep this to a limited and only occasional indulgence; better yet these can be easily converted to a fun non-alcoholic mocktail!     

Please keep in mind that if you are still struggling with health issues, digestive challenges or weight loss… it is best to avoid alcohol and go with the a mocktail version!!