By Kristin Stephens, MS, NTP

Inflammation is now being studied as a root cause for many of today’s most prevalent diseases and illnesses. Heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and even obesity are all linked with systemic inflammation in the body. Unfortunately, many health care practitioners are not addressing the root cause, but instead prescribing medications to help combat the symptoms of inflammation.

At Pure Nutrition + Wellness, our focus is on getting to the root cause of an issue and helping you address it. This holistic approach to healing through nutrition allows your body to reset, heal, and function again as it is supposed to.

What is systemic inflammation?

Systemic inflammation is caused by a chronic immune response to a non-threat in the body. Simply put, the body attacks itself because it perceives undigested food, toxins, and bacteria as an enemy because they have leaked through the gut lining. In a healthy individual with a strong gut lining, the food and bacteria, and even some toxins, wouldn’t be seen as invaders. It is only when the body’s defenses are down that we see this reaction. Unfortunately, in today’s world of processed and packaged foods, many people suffer from a leaky gut and inflammation-induced illnesses, not knowing they can easily turn it around through proper nutrition.