The best approach to preventing or even recovering from a virus is to develop a strong immune system. I have put together a virus kit that contains 6 supplements for boosting immunity and 2 supplements to use if you become infected with a virus. All these supplements are well known for their safe and effective action against colds, flu, and viruses of all kinds.  

In addition to the supplements each kit will contain instructions for daily use to boost immunity, as well as recommendations for what to do if  you come down with a virus. There will also be suggestions for home remedies and protocols that will further help you and your family to stay well.  

The kits are available for pre-order today for $189.00, and can be mailed or picked up in our office this Saturday 3/14.  We do have a limited supply and expect to sell out quickly…our second shipment of product should reach us in 7 days.  

Again I want to reaffirm that “FEAR” is the most toxic thing for your immune system. Please know that all will be well. This is a great time to take stock of your diet and lifestyle and how it may be supporting or harming your immune system. If you would like specific help with your concerns we are happy to schedule a consult for you.  

To preorder your kits, schedule a consult, or ask questions please call 844-787-3935, Ext. 1; or email us at [email protected].

Stay Well…Be Well,

Donna Stephens
Naturopath, BCN