Donna is fantastic! She has helped me so much, teaching me which foods to avoid and which foods to add to my diet. I feel more energized. She has provided me with supplements that have helped my digestion, losing weight, and just feeling better in general. She has really improved my health, and my children’s health. Very thankful to have met Donna!


Donna is amazing! She is attentive and really gets down to the root of the problem. Her goal is to help me feel healthier. She has been such a blessing in my life and has found health issues that doctors haven’t or might takes years to find in myself and my husband.

She will help you restructure your life so that you begin to be stronger and have less of those aches and pains. I highly recommend you see Donna; your body will thank you!

A. Fitzgerald

I am a type one Diabetic and with Donna’s help and advice I have made significant improvements to my quality of life. When I was diagnosed they told me i could eat what ever i wanted but just needed to make sure i gave myself enough insulin…. Over time I became concerned that my diabetes was going to lead to other health issues like heart disease, nerve damage or kidney disease. Donna encouraged me to make healthy changes to my diet and lifestyle and now I am using less insulin, experiencing better energy, have less fatigue, and feel more confident about the future of my health.


I have a nutritionist; her name is Donna Stephens and she is terrific.  About a year ago, I walked into her office with all kinds of aches and pains. I had always paid attention to how I was eating, my exercise, and stress…or so I thought.

Donna listened, really listened, and recommended a game plan to getting me back to my old self.  She helped me tweak some good habits and get rid of some bad habits. She really explained how things work nutrition-wise, and what I needed to do to get better.

I took her at her word and followed her advice.  I am still doing that and with some recommended supplements to help keep things on track, I feel 100% better.

My aches and pains are gone; I have my energy back; I am sleeping well; and to be honest, just feel good.  I can not sing Donna’s praises enough.  She helped me when I thought that there was nothing to be done.  This lovely lady really knows her stuff! Thank you so much!

C. Kawacheck

I felt like I had been on this weight roller coaster for long enough that I was an expert! I didn’t know what to expect when I first made the decision to see Donna. I knew what to do with food and exercise and just needed to “do it”.  Now I know what was missing – the “why” do it.  What I appreciate most about Donna is how she explains the why.  After the past months of seeing her I feel like I am becoming the expert of my own body.  Donna is a researcher and lifelong learner and it is evident in our conversations.  I am so thankful I found Donna because she has given me the missing piece to my journey- the why.

R. Aldridge

I am so grateful for having found an effective solution for my Gout symptoms! In addition to getting pain relief from the natural products Donna recommended, her evaluation of my own personal chemistry showed me what charges in diet and lifestyle would prevent further attacks. After many unsuccessful attempts with prescriptions, I finally feel like I have my gout under control.

I. Peterson

I’ve suffered with migraines for many years… Nothing I did seemed to make me feel better. I started seeing Donna and following her suggestions on diet and natural supplements and with her help I have not had a migraine in 6 months!

S. Hunt

I came for pain reduction in my arthritic shoulder and general health improvements.  I got that and lost 25 pounds.

My chiropractor who was treating my arthritic shoulder recommended that I see naturopath Donna Stephens because of her very scientific approach to helping your body heal through diet and supplements.  She provides a spectrum of approaches because she works within the realm of what her clients are willing to do. Her approach appealed to me because she explained why I should do something and what the desired effects were instead of just giving me a set of guidelines to blindly follow.

Her knowledge of how the human body functions is very impressive.  On our first visit she immediately picked up on the association between my low Vitamin D and low “good” cholesterol.  She suggested a specific supplement to raise my good cholesterol in order to allow my Vitamin D to increase. My next blood test showed significant increase in my Vitamin D (much more than the prior months of taking Vitamin D3 had produced).

Her analysis of both my wife and I revealed issues that no one else had ever mentioned.  Her recommendations for both my diet and supplements have significantly reduced the pain and discomfort in my shoulder.  As an added benefit, when I began to avoid those foods that my body was not processing correctly (some that would be considered health foods), I lost 25 pounds in a few months.  I feel better overall.  When I eat something that Donna has suggested I avoid, I can feel the effect both in my shoulder and in my overall sense of health.

Whenever anyone asks me how I lost so much weight, I am quick to recommend that they see Donna.  When I hear friends complain about their general health, I recommend that they see Donna.

M. Kievenaar

I didn’t want to take a cholesterol lowering drug…..” I was tired of constantly coughing and dealing with so much flem… my candida was out of control, and I was confused about my diet. Even worse my doctor told me my sed rate was to high!  Donna was able to help me lower my cholesterol and identify what was causing the build up of mucous in my body and what to do about it and her diet corrections enabled me to achieve a satisfactory weight. In addition we are making progress on reducing my inflammation and my last lab test showed a great improvement in my sed rate! I am feeling so much better and thank God everyday that Donna Stephens is here for me…


I have experienced a radical change in my health since I began seeing Donna and following her recommendations. Especially after a long and exhausting struggle with various illnesses and disturbing complications from prescription medications, the turnaround for me has personally been astonishing!

Donna takes a genuine interest in her clients, and is dedicated to helping us achieve a level of wellness that many of us might have thought impossible. She is attentive, intuitive, and compassionate. I highly recommend Donna for her knowledge, her wisdom, and her expertise. If you are struggling with your health, I would encourage you see Donna to learn more about how she can help you!

Nora Neal-Daggett, RN

My legs felt as if they weighed 500 pounds each!”

I was tired every morning after a simple breakfast of a woman’s nutrition bar and yogurt. I could hardly walk out of the parking garage at my job! Something is not right!!! I knew-I did not process sugar well and for the most part omitted simple sugars from my diet. Then I saw one of Donna Stephen’s flyers for Pure Nutrition. I made an appointment with Donna; we talked, she performed some simple pressure point testing, I completed a food diary then Donna ordered a 24 hour urine test. The results of the urinalysis returned… I knew I was not processing sugar, but what I did not know was – my body was producing an over abundance of yeast because my body was not breaking down sugar! No wonder I was so tired! Donna suggested I do a 6-8 week elimination diet. I eliminated carbohydrates, added yummy green shakes, and lots of lemon water, proteins and veggies; I also took some supplements. I felt terrific on day 2 of the elimination diet. Gradually I added back the good carbs but I still avoid the simple ones. “That’s when I knew I would eat this way for the rest of my time on this earth! “Pure Nutrition” changed my life… I feel like I’m 25 again!!