Let’s face it weight loss is a big business, contributing over 40 billion to our economy every year!  That’s why it’s in their best interest to keep you coming back…. Eat whatever you want, no need to exercise, just take this pill or magic sprinkle. Weight loss should be natural and sustainable.   Success is rarely found in a fad diet, pill or magic sprinkle.  If you lose weight only to put it back on time and time again….I guarantee you are going against the biochemical needs of your body…. Worse yet the toxins and inflammation coming from these diets is probably contributing to a further decline in your health.

The reason we can’t lose weight in this country is because we don’t eat the way we where designed to eat… We don’t move the way we were designed to move & we don’t live (stress) the way we were designed to live.   Funny…..these attributes also are the foundation of health and healing.  Weight loss can be simple and very natural but often we are led astray because we lack a clear understanding of our own biochemistry.

Not to say that hormones, toxicity from prescription drugs and digestive issues don’t complicate things…  They often do!  But the answer lies in supporting those concerns nutritionally and as naturally as possible.

Yes I know what you are thinking…. I don’t feel good enough to exercise , I don’t want to live on grass, I want to enjoy myself sometimes….. Come talk to me, you might be pleasantly surprised.