Personalized & Individualized Guidance

The Guided Pure Reset Diet provides a personal coach to work directly with you supplying the individualized support, guidance and education you need to successfully implement changes in diet & lifestyle. 

Using a holistic & functional medicine approach helps us determine what additional factors besides genetics are contributing to your health issues.

You are Unique!

Our goal is not to offer a one-size-fits-all solution, but to discover the unique needs your own body has and address them specifically. When we customize the solution to fit your own needs, it encourages the body to heal and once again reach a natural state of balance.

We do this by evaluating which foods are healthy for your chemistry and which are not, identifying digestive and assimilation challenges, correcting nutrient deficiencies, assessing environmental and lifestyle issues, balancing hormonal fluctuations and improving PH balance.

Our Approach Addresses Your WHOLE Body

And often this is the missing link. It’s not one thing causing your health crisis, it is frequently the combination of several systems struggling which causes an ever increasing burden on the body’s attempt to stay balanced. Left unaddressed, these issues cascade into more severe symptoms and eventually the accumulation of even more health issues.

The flip side is once we address these fundamental issues we typically see not just the elimination of one symptom but a whole series of aggravating symptoms improving.

Better Energy

Healthier Sleep Patterns

Improved Metabolism

Reduction in Pain

Increased Cognitive Ability

Balanced Glucose, Cholesterol, & Blood Pressure Levels

Increased Digestion

Improved Symptoms of Anxiety & Depression

How It Works

Through the Guided Reset Diet, we will help you learn about your own personal chemistry and how to best support the needs of your body.

We start by conducting a review of your medical history, current health challenges and the goals you wish to accomplish. We do an extensive evaluation of current and past symptoms and we review your current test results and/or determine if additional testing would be beneficial.

We then create a step by step plan which will include diet and lifestyle recommendations specific to your own unique chemistry and current health challenges.

We offer even more help

We also drill down further by giving you 4 weeks of daily menus, recipes, shopping lists, snack & on the go options, and a health journal to record your progress.   

Stay on Track

But what is really significant is the time you will spend each week in a dedicated session discussing your progress, addressing concerns, clarifying and answering questions, making recommendations, providing resources, and most importantly, keeping you motivated and on track.

You will also have a hotline to your own personal coach to provide immediate text and e-mail support when you need it.

Can you imagine your doctor responding to a text or email about a supplement or diet question?

This is why so many individuals fail at regaining control over their health. They don’t have a health care professional who will spend time listening to their concerns, answering their questions and encouraging them when the process becomes difficult.

To give further value to this process, we limit the number of clients in our coaching programs so that you can receive the attention and support you deserve. This does sometimes create a waiting list…but I promise if this happens it will be worth the short wait!

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