A fun way to detox daily is rebounding.

Jumping on a mini trampoline daily has been shown to help:
⁃ Lymphatic drainage
⁃ Boost immune function
⁃ Improve digestion
⁃ Circulate oxygen through the body
⁃ Increase bone mass
⁃ Improve cellulite
⁃ Boost energy level

It’s fun and easy to do: simply bounce and/or jump for five to ten minutes. Start slowly by keeping your feet on the trampoline and do gentle bouncing motions until you’re ready for more.

Eventually you can vary your jumps to include jumping jacks, squats,
and high knees. Add in arm movements to make it a total body exercise.
Do you rebound?

Tell us about your experience in the comments 👇~ Kristin Stephens, NTP, MS

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Be Well,

Donna Stephens, BCN, CNHP, LDHS
Kristin Stephens, NTP, MS

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