For the past 15 years I have been blessed with the most amazing health. After multiple health challenges in my 20’s, I turned to holistic medicine and began this amazing journey of recognizing my body’s natural ability to heal; and embracing a diet and lifestyle that supports the way our bodies were designed to live. 

The remarkable results that I experienced further encouraged me to leave a career in clinical diagnostics and pursue an education as a holistic practitioner. Fast forward a few years and Pure Nutrition + Wellness was born. 

While running and operating a private practice is an enormous challenge, the opportunity of serving so many in their pursuit of wellness has brought incredible joy. It has truly been a blessing. Along the way I have always been grateful for the ability to stay healthy even while surrounded by clients suffering from flus, colds and other infectious diseases.

Then in November this past year something occurred. After 15 years of being so healthy, without any symptoms, without any warning…I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. 

“How can this be happening?”  This was the question that my doctors, my family, my friends and everyone around me kept asking…it did not make sense. Isn’t there some rule that if you take care of yourself you won’t get cancer? Of course we would like to have that simple reassurance…

As I stewed over my new reality and the implications it was going to have on my life, a repeated theme continued to present itself: 

    Maybe you need to walk in the darkness to better appreciate the light…

Since November 2017, my life has been a whirlwind of appointments with medical doctors: Oncologist, Holistic Doctors and Naturopathic Oncologist. Navigating through all the different opinions of how to best treat and support my cancer therapy has been both eye opening and humbling. I am amazed once again at the incredible healing capacity of our bodies, the incredible healing resources nature has for us, and most importantly: how powerful integrating traditional medicine with holistic medicine can be!

Halfway through my treatment I can earnestly say that the things I have experienced and learned could never have been taught to me in a classroom environment. I am already forever changed by this new chapter in my life. I am already seeing how I can use this experience to help others. 

PNW will continue to operate on a slightly modified basis for the next few months as I complete my treatments. Vicki will continue to be available to respond to emails, calls, and fill order requests; I will be splitting my time between phone consults and office visits as my schedule allows. 

As for me…I am a so grateful for how my body is responding to treatment, I am so grateful to have the resources to heal…and most importantly I am grateful for this blessing of cancer and the changes it will bring to my life and to the life of those I am called to serve. 

Be Well,

Donna Stephens, BCN, CNHP, LDHS